Munro Trail

Getting here is half the fun. My favorite way to enjoy the island of Lanai and the Munro Trail is by following this itinerary:

mist-shrouded trail on Lanai, Hawaii

Munro Trail on Lanai

  1. Catch a ferry from Lahaina, Maui to Lanai (bikes are allowed onboard).
  2. Once on the island of Lanai, wait for a (4-Seasons) resort shuttle. (You will have to pay for this unless you are a guest of one of their two resorts on Lanai.) Either way, be prepared to tip the driver.
  3. Take the shuttle all the way to its last stop which is the golf resort beyond Lanai City.
  4. Ride your bike on the Keomuku Highway until you get to Cemetery Road. (No road on Lanai has much traffic, and this one has less than most.)
  5. Cemetery Road, also known as Laniola Road, becomes the Munro Trail. It’s not well marked, but you don’t have too many choices.

Now enjoy the ride. It’s a dirt trail, so if it has rained (fairly common occurrence) it will be slick & muddy, making some of the up & downhill stretches a little challenging. However, it is not a technical mountain bike trail. You may possibly see 4-wheel drivers or hikers. It is fairly rare to see other bikers on the trail.

Unlike most trails, when you are finished, the fun just begins. Riding down Manele Road is an absolute blast. The road is very nicely paved with very little traffic. Remember, most of this island is privately owned, so they are strict about their rules. It’s tempting to go crazy fast on this road, but the resort shuttle drivers (rightfully) don’t appreciate gonzo bikers, so keep your speed in check and use common sense.

Before you head down the road, you may want to explore the island on your bike. The island is a retired pineapple plantation, so it has plenty of work roads to explore. Some of the roads may lead down to the ocean, but most of those are incredibly steep. Once you get down there, getting back up is quite a challenge, so think before you plunge downward.  Also remember Lanai, like most of the other Hawaiian islands, has sacred sites, and locals don’t appreciate and won’t condone horsing around at these sites. Be respectful and do not collect unauthorized souvenirs.

Lanai is beautiful, rugged, and isolated. Therefore, it makes for incredible hiking and mountain biking. Enjoy the spirit of Hawaii, but be careful and respectful.

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